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Relieve Foot Pain

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To Alleviate Foot Pain Try These Foot Exercises. They Help To Strengthen The Muscles In Your Feet And To Keep Them Flexible.

Foot pain is a common problem that plagues men and women across all age groups. It’s a given that at some point in your life you will experience it too. It can limit your activity by stressing the muscles of your feet and affecting their motion and function. Many home-based methods can help to relieve foot pain, but foot exercise is the best of them.

Flexibility of the muscles in your feet helps them to function at their best. The more flexible the muscles are, the more active your feet will be. It’s also important that those foot muscles are strong. The muscles in your feet are attached to different parts of the arch, so strengthening them also energizes the arch.

I often recommend foot exercises to my patients and visitors to MyBadFeet.com to relieve foot pain. These easy exercises keep your foot muscles strong and flexible and can be done while you’re sitting on your sofa watching TV.

Muscle-Strengthening Foot Exercises

- Quarter Pick-Ups

For this foot exercise, start by dropping some quarters on the floor in front of you. While sitting on a chair try to pick up the quarters using the toes of your foot. This helps to tone the foot muscles to keep them strong and flexible.

- Foot Fists

Making a fist with your foot is another exercise that’s easy to perform and will strengthen the muscles. Curl your toes down into the arch tightly so you’re forming a fist you’re your foot. Hold the foot in this position for a count of five. Then gradually loosen the muscles and relax your foot. Repeat the same process with another foot.

Stretching Foot Exercises

Stretching your toes are great foot exercises to relieve foot pain and eliminate other foot problems. They enhance flexibility, release tension from the foot muscles, and energize your entire body.

- Towel Crunch

Spread a towel on the floor. Use your toes to hold one end of the towel and pick it up. Drop the towel on the floor and pick up another end of the towel with your toes. Repeat this action until the entire towel makes a pile on the floor. Repeat five times. Then repeat the exercise with the toes of your other foot.

- Alphabet

For this foot exercise you will use an exercise band or a towel. Cradle your heel in the towel or exercise band while holding both ends with each of your hands. With your heel supported, use your toes to write the alphabet in the air. This exercise requires that you move your ankle and will increase its strength and flexibility.

- Doming

Keep your foot in a flat position on the floor to perform this foot exercise. Then, scrunch and pull back your toes without lifting them off the floor. Try to pull the toes closer to the heel. This exercise forces you to use all the muscles at the base of your foot. Repeat the process five to ten times with both the feet.

- Toe Stretch

This foot exercise is very easy to perform. Simply spread and stretch your toes as wide as you possibly can. Then return your toes to their normal position. Repeat this technique three to five times with each foot.

- Balancing

To start this foot exercise stand comfortably in a doorway holding on to the frame, or hold on to a desk or chair to keep your balance. Then lift one leg a few inches off the floor and hold it in that position for a count of five. Repeat this leg lift process at least five times with both legs.


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